why me?

U might think – why is that girl talking about sex. Well, it happens quite often people telling me i am an unusual person, especially in ways of sex. Mostly because sex is a very normal and present part of my identity. I enjoy talking about it, i dont fear the reaction of others and i love to explore. Sex-shaming is a big issue for me, as i dont understand why we making sex such a big deal. Sometimes i believe people just forget about the fact, that they simply exist because of sex. You are a product of sex – did u ever think about that? In literal ways. Of course you learned once sex can cause babies and stuff. And most of the people i know also want to have kids. But when it comes to parents-sex, everyone is like super disgusted. But that’s the way you came to life!
Okay, so the best thing i could do, is just to accept this fact. Sex is related to life even more than food. And noone ever blames you for enjoying to eat, right? So why is noone able to talk about sex just like anything else?
I mean, i dont have the perfect answer to that. You tell me!
Problably there is not just one solution. Look around our society and let’s see which part sex is taking. It’s not really related to producing new lives, right? It’s more of an image, a status thing. Sex sells, and that is all around! But the way it is presented is mostly photoshopped, acted or any any other way far away from your reality. We have movies (not real), porn (not real or staged), music videos (played), advertisement (merchandised) and sex education at school ( did they really talk about sex, hey? was more about genitals, hmm?). So, unless you accidentally bumped into your parents bedroom while they where doing it or you can talk openly about everything with your best mates, you probably never got in touch with real life sex of others. But you do see people eating every day ( to stick to this comparisson). What i want to say is, you actually don’t get a proper view about sex. That is for real not a topic in the way it would be helpful to get in contact with. So our education about sex is based on false impressions. That’s no wonder we all don’t feel so secure to talk about it!
More or less unconsciously we are sucking all of this fake shit every day and built up expectations we do not know how to fulfil or how to confess we don’t see ourselves in a specific way. (btw, i really like how the movie “Don Jon” is dealing with this wrong image of sex)
-> walk around in your city tomorrow with open eyes and try to remember every sex related thing what is crossing your way. And at the end of the day think about the message they depicted.
But i want to state this: i dont want to be seen as a sex symbol! I don’t want to have sex in ways of boys doing all the work and the girl is moaning beautifully and satisfied without moving at all! I don’t want to be afraid of cellulities, i don’t want to be be unable to say “no” to something, i don’t want to risk to get pregnant or a disease, because in no porn or movie anyone ever uses a condom and a lot of people see using a condom as widely unerotic. And i don’t want to be called a slut, because i enjoy sex or because i have a lot of sex or because i had way more than just the one hero who made it into my pussy.

So my concern is to get rid of those stereotypes of sex. I want to form a new image of sex. Please join me šŸ˜€

My wishlist:
-talk about it in general
-talk about your needs with your (sex-)partner
-educate about contraceptions
-accept different people have different preferences
-get rid of gender roles
-get rid of sex-shaming
-get rid of the idea of heteronormativity
-forget about the perfect body
-sex is not all about missionary and doggy style, get over it
-some girls moan, some dont’t-oh, did you know some boys moan, too?
-“no” means “no”, so stop!
-people mostly don’t look beautiful, when they have an orgasm
-sex is not about performance
-have sex for yourself, it is not a duty

(please write me your wishes!)

So guys, i think that should make it for now.
I know i raised a lot of issues in this article and i will come back to certain points later.

Cheers everyone!



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